I lost my drone, a real waste for the “drone of the day” sequence !

This morning, I woke up and went to see China. I am in Blagovechtchensk, just next to the border of China and Russia. Can you imagine this? Those two huge countries side by side, just separated by a river which name is “Amour”, “love” in french. I found it strange. But I was told by russian people that they did appreciate each other and that they felt quite close. They have the same sens of business despite their different culture.

Yesterday, I told you that I believe in fate. And it happened again, today. What happened to me today ? I saved time, I saved huge time. To understand how, let me tell you about my schedule. Let’s start by the late evening, it will be more fun. I check into the hotel at 8.00 or 11.00 pm. Immediately, in my room, I have a shower with my riding gears. This way, they are clean and dry in the morning. Then, I charge all the batteries of the cameras, I save all the shots of the day on an external disk and I try to have diner and go to bed. First awaking, 3.00 am. I have to replace the fully charged batteries by the empty ones. Second awaking, the one you really hate, between 5.30 am and 6.30 am.

It depends on the amount of work I have to do. Yes, because I am here to work. What do you think?  That I have fun with this road trip? That a bike enthousiast? You need to be crazy to love motorcyle. You never have a nice haircut because of your helmet, and your colleagues always laugh at you. You may be wet because of the rain. You are dirty, it stinks and all the people surrounding you, say that you are crazy because it is really dangerous. Riding a motorcycle is a lot of sacrifices. So I decided to turn it all into a job. This way, I am a motorcycle You Tuber and I have plenty of excuses to ride my motorcycle (kidding you understood it).

Anyway, I wake up at 5.30 or 6.30, have a shower at I go off at 8.00 am. Yes, because, it really takes time to attach your bags, protect the computer from these bumpy roads, fix the Go Pros, the GPS, etc… Then, I ride between 500 and 1.100 km per day maximum. I don’t have lunch, no time for it. Just some chips and a coke, to avoid these moments when my stomach says: “what are you doing? This is not a Gulag here”. I always answer to my stomach. “Shut up! You always complain about working conditions. We are going to get caught by the comrades.” In brief, I ride without having lunch. Why? Because I have to work. You are having troubles to understand me today. I work, I make pictures, filming, videos shooting, I use my drone, I speak, alone, to my camera or my Go Pro. About the drone, I have 4 batteries, this means I will lose 2 hours on the schedule. For a normal video shoot with the tripod, it is 15 minutes. I make around fifteen of them per day. Three more hours gone. You can add the refuelling stops. Sometimes, I have nap on the side of the road (don’t say it to my boss, he doesn’t know). 

All this means that it takes me around 6 or 7 hours more, everyday, to cover the stage of the day. Add sometimes one or two hours of jetlag within the same day and you understand my problem. Maybe you even think that it is impossibe because it would mean that sometimes, I sleep only four hours. It happened. I don’t say it to complain, I love this Globetrotter adventure, but I am french and I have to start bitching …

Anyway, today, I saved a lot of time on the schedule. I was on a trail with the Multistrada in the middle of swamps and I wanted to make a nice drone shot over a bridge. I attached the remote control on the handlebar, started to use it while riding with the other hand. Completely stupid, I know, but all those swamps, the bridge, me on the bike, it would be the most beautifull shot of my trip. Except that the drone was too fast, and I was not on the bridge when the drone passed over it. Shit, failed, let’s do it again. I immediately push… the wrong button to throw my drone deep into the water … The remote control panel says “lost reception, waiting to hear from solo, etc… “. I have been looking for it, whistled for it. I even tried to set a foot in the swamp but no way. I tried to find a solution for more than an hour but I had to resign. I was really sad. He was a real companion to me. He was the only one who could get up high in this adventure.

So, I resigned. The only good thing is that I saved two hours of work for the next days. Lucky I am ! I sat off again and at a crossing, somebody stopped to ask if I needed help. Like usual here in Russia. You won’t believe me. He was the boss of Predator helmets, those helmets with an alien look, with teeth and dreadlocks. He gave me his business card and told me to give a call if I needed. It is just incredible. I have so many contacts here in Russia  that I wouldn’t who shall I call first in case of emergency.

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Florent .R
Quelle aventure, Merci de nous faire partager ça. Vivement la vidéo.
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Yo Lcx
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Serge Driesen
Salut Lolo, Je suis bien désolé de ta mésaventure avec ton drône et ta gopro. C'était pas la journée du film on dirait. J'espère que ton boss ne retiendra pas cela sur ton salaire, Sinon change de boss :) Ah ! Tu peux pas ! Désolé pour toi alors :) Sinon, est ce que Ducati peut intervenir pour t'aider à racheter du matos ? Ou encore lance une souscription crowdfunding, je suis sur que le monde motard, moi en premier serait pret à mettre la main à la poche pour que tu retrouves du matos rapidement afin que tu nous fasses encore rêver avec des vidéos. Encore une fois merci pour ces moments de rêve, bon courage pour la fin de ton périple. A+ Serge
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