Globetrotters 90th: the seven heroes have a name!

After the Bootcamp in Nipozzano, Italy, here at Ducati Headquarter we needed to take a tough decision. It was in fact extremely hard to select only 7 on the 14 incredible motorcyclists that showed us their passion and skills during the bootcamp.

Having met them and seen them cohoperate and having fun like a team made us feel so bad to “separate the family” and tell to seven of them that their adventure ended with the bootcamp.

Then another task came up to our mind: who is the right rider for the right leg? Not as simply as it seems, indeed.

We have finally taken a decision so here are the seven heroes:

Eduardo Generali – Brazil
Samuel Bendall – USA
Timo Schäfer- Germany
Steve Fraser – Australia
Vir Nakai – India
Jessica Leyne – Belgium
Hugo Wilson – UK

We are really proud of the seven non-selected riders: Massimiliano, Jose, Felipe, Victor, Terence, Bhuvan and Camilo. Guys, you did a great job and you know you can be called back if one of the Globetrotter can’t join its ride.

During the trip some fellow riders will join the Globetrotter, to share the challenge and the emotions. All the Ducatisti are also invited to join the ride for a while with their bikes, when the Globetrotters come near them.

Now the challenge starts… set up your agenda: July 4th 2016, Ducati Factory, Borgo Panigale, Italy.

Good luck to all the Globetrotters!


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