A day around Stockholm

So I really needed to get to Stockholm for two reasons one being that the Russia and Japan maps were being sent to the the local Ducati dealer and I had to pick them up and two the ferry to Finland left from the city. The ticket wasn’t easy but we got it online and that left the next day open to pick up the maps and explore.

My host and I decided to let the Ducati rest and take out his classics and ride them. It was a great idea as the weather was perfect for riding. We took the long way to get everywhere. There are some brilliant little roads in the outskirts of the city that could keep you busy for hours. Unfortunately the problem with riding classic motorcycles is that sometimes they go bust and then you gotta truck em home and sadly that’s what happened (no I wasn’t riding the one that stopped). We got the bike home and traded 2 wheels for 4 and took the classic car out for the rest of the day. We eventually found our selfs at a classic car meet with over 200 brilliantly restored cars in immaculate condition. It’s crazy I am amazed at how crazy these swedes are about their American muscle.

The rest of the evening we spent by the BBQ and with a few brews and some peaty single malt. A required day of slowing down my pace and enjoying the last few hours in Scandinavia.

It’s been a crazy trip so far and now it’s time to start the last leg with an 11 hour ferry ride to Finland.

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