A day in St Petersburg

Just from the ride into St Petersburg looked like a great city. Brimming with people it was abuzz with activity. There were more people in the city than I have seen all through Europe it felt. Thanks to the GPS getting me lost in the heart of town I got to get quite a glimpse. A quick chat with a cop and his Russian Siri I finally had correct instructions to the hotel. I found it quite easily after that parked the bike and called it an evening. What a day it had been. I still couldn’t believe I was in Russia.

The plan for the next day’s was just to bum around and take in the sights. Most of the morning I rode the bike outside the city to some of the sights I had been told to check out and came back for a late lunch.

At lunch as I connected to the Internet my inbox was flooded with messages from the local chapter of the Russia Ducati Club they wanted to meet up and hang. So I gave them my address and within 10 min a Street Fighter and a Monster were parked bEddie the Enduro. Plans were made and we were off. No clue where I was going but I followed for a good half an hour we rode out of the main city to Kronshtadt island. Where we were met by two other members of the club. We drank some coffee are some pizza and talked motorcycles, travel, Bike week and riding in Russia.

We jumped back on the bikes and rode back into town to hang at a spot where all the bikers come in the evening to drink a coffee and hang. What a way to end a great day hanging with motorcyclists by the river listening to some music and watching people dance(some dance clubs were out doing there thing). What a super day.

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