A day off

The typhoon gave me something the other Globetrotters probably won’t have : a day to be a tourist!

My ferry to Beppu leaves at 19:00 today and since I have no means of plunging myself and the Multistrada Enduro back into the traffic of Osaka, I will go on foot and explore this city a little bit. The ferry, Sunflower, will get me to the island of Kyushu overnight. I made this decision after deliberation with Miyo of Ducati Japan over the phone, the typhoon has cost me two full riding days so I’ll have to speed it up a bit to get back on track of the itinerary.

My small but exhausting expedition into the city to the castle of Osaka reminds me why I normally don’t do these kind of things and just go riding in the rural and remote areas of a country. Popular tourist places are crowded, expensive and often visited by hasty and stressed out people. Nevertheless some things are worth the effort and the castle of Osaka and the park was! After being demolished again and again this structure rose out of its ashes time after time. The combination of the old cultural site and the new bursting city is inspiring so to say, how tradition can connect and grow along with progress.

Upon asking an information desk what was worth visiting I immediately got a flyer to the Aquarium of Osaka, which I did not visit because my good friend and environmental activist Marta would kick me in the butt the next time she saw me. Instead I visited a petting cafe that shelters old and abandoned dogs and cats for people that want to relax and play with them. I even made friends with a pet pig, could have spend hours here and loved the initiative.

Upon arrival for the ferry the harbor wished me welcome with another shower of hot rain. A hot bath and meal were very welcome aboard the Sunflower and I was invited to join the table with David and Kenya. David is originally from France and was interested in my story. They are from the town I need to go Yufu, coincidence is they work for a collector also! We chat the whole evening about motorcycles, Japan and share life experiences. At 22:00 we say goodbye and I’m off to bed because I have a busy day tomorrow, first the Iwashita collection and then the start of the first long haul up to the north.


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