A quick exit

I’ve never had such a quick visit to a motorcycle show.

I arrived at Motorcycle Live 2.00pm on Sunday, the show’s last day, and was told that James Whitham wanted to interview me on stage at 3.00pm, and after the interview finished could I ride off the stage, out of the door and away? Happy to oblige.

Normally at bike shows they won’t let you start or ride the bikes in the building, so when you’re offered the excuse to do so you’ve got to take it.

James’ other stage guest was double sidecar TT winner John Holder, and I was interested in what he’d got to say about riding three wheelers around The Mountain Course (flat out in top for 70% of the lap apparently – blimey) before James got the Multi and me on stage. I walked on, but the Multi was on a rotating platform.

We had quick chat in front of the audience, then I helmeted up, fired up the bike, the platform was turned and I rode off backstage, down the ramp, out of the backstage area and then through the doors and out of the hall. I think I remembered to wave, but I was concentrating on not losing the bike on a nylon floor tile, that would have been embarrassing.

And of course, once I was round the corner I had to stop and put my gloves on. It was cold outside. It’ll be cold on the Isle of Man too.

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