Aleksander, my hero !

Some people wake up in the morning wondering “what’s going to happen to me again.” Others wake up saying ” which one of a kind adventure am I going to experience today.” Maybe because I am unsuspicious or naive, I am more part of the second category. And today, my new experience was Aleksander. I’d rather say Aleksander my hero.

This morning I woke up determined to cover my daily 800 km just in a few hours. However, right from the start, I could feel that my eyelids were growing heavy. “Now you are sleeping, now you are sleeping, please close your eyes.” whispered my subconscious. “No I am not sleeping” I answered. “Look, I open the screen of my helmet, I breathe deeply, I watch the landscape, I move on the seat, you see, I am not sleeping”. Nevertheless, my subconscious was maybe a little bit right. Fuck, my eyelids are so heavy. I succeeded to cover 180 kilometers like this, with my eyes half opened and I finally resigned. That was not reasonable to ride like this. 

So I started to look after a small trail close to the road to strech out on the grass and try to sleep. I found it. There was a fox decomposed body and kind of gravestones. I tried to sleep and my subconscious told me again: “You can’t sleep, you can’t sleep because you are afraid.”  Bloody subconscious. I could hear noise everywhere in the forest, there were no more cars on the road and I started to think about this story of this japanese tourist who had been shot. I immediatly started the engine and sat off.

This time, I was really awaken and it lasted a minimum of … 10 minutes before my subconscious tells me again : “Now you are sleeping, now you are sleeping, please close your eyes.” I was not going to let him take me over. I said: “Yes, I am sleeping, so what ? Fuck you !” I stopped in a gas station, I dived onto the grass, I huddled up to my camera bag and I slept… three minutes before my subconscious says: “wake up idiot, Aleksander is coming”. This time, he was right, Aleksander was here.

Aleksander! He had an old Suzuki 800 Intruder. Suspensions “kaput” (broken) and a lot of other things “kaput”. No rain suit, no real equipment, a pair of Supertrapp exhausts (very important), a sissy bar seat, plastic bags to protect his clothes and come what may. Aleksander is on his way back back from a journey in Russia andhe shows me all his pictures and videos of all the bikers he met. I recognize the South Korean I met two days ago on Okhlon Island. We, the bikers, don’t need any tracking system. We always take care of one another.

On his Intruder, Aleksander really looks like Denis Hopper in the “Easy Rider” movie. He doesn’t care about rain, cold, death or other’s people opinion. Above all, he wants to ride, meet, exchange and discover. At that moment, I really felt small. I thought I was having an incredible adventure going from Moscow to Vladivostock, whereas Aleksander was doing the same on an old chopper. Aleksander sat off from the gas station. He looked so good. I followed very closely and I overtook him riding at least 50 km/h faster than he did. Not to humiliate him but to capture the scene.

I rode flat out for 20 kilometers, I stopped, removed my helmet, prepared my drone, my camera, my Go Pro, mes eyes and he came! He went past me. The sound of his bike was huge. I found the scene so beautifull. Without this fox decomposed body, those gravestones and those down phases, I would have never met Aleksandser.

I was really proud of him! Then, I felt a little bit seek of Transsiberian and I took a secondary road to reach Blagovestechensk, close to the chinese border. When I travel, I always wonder “what are these borders for.” Just because you cross a border, the landscape should become all of a sudden be chinese, the same with  potatoes,  carrots and  trees. It doesn’t make sens. For example, I am still in Russia, but I can assure you that I met asian style people for more than two hours before reaching the border. 

So I came into Blagovestechensk and I refuelled the Multistrada. 200 meters after the gas station, there was a store selling quads and skidoos. I stopped, I really needed to change my rear tire. Guess what ! Aleksander was here. No, not Aleksander Hopper, another Aleksander. He immediatly sleeped on his coveralls, took his tools and started to remove the rear wheel. He took it to the mute guy who is in charge to change tires, changed the used tire for a new one and assembled the wheel of my bike.

He said “thank you”. I said “how much is it?”. He put his hand over his heart, he showed my used tire and asked my to sign it with my nickname “lolo”. He knew me through my videos on You Tube. I was stunned. I removed the front tire that was still attached on the left side of the bike and gave it to him as a gift. I think that this morning, this guy really woke up saying: ” which one of a kind adventure am I going to experience today.”

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Stephane Copin
Superbe histoire!
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