America’s Mountain

We did it! The wind gave us a break and were able to reach the top of Pikes Peak.

Over 14000 ft / 4000 mts of altitude and 25 degrees fahrenheit and -3 Celsius! 

Pikes Peak Hill Climb is the second oldest race in the US, it just celebrated its 100th anniversaty this year. The race consists of 12 miles and 156 turns that will lead the competitors all the way to the top. It is now fully paved since 2012.

Ducati Multistrada won it 3 times in a row and holds the record for motorcycles since 2012 with Carlin Dunnes time of 09 min and 52 seconds.

Riding up Pikes Peak was one of the coolest things I have ever done! Those turns, the altitude, the wind the weather is all constantly changing and the view just keeps getting better and better!

When we reached the top, we actually ran inside the restaurant to get warm cause we were freezing out there! After some coffee we were able to get outside and enjoy the view. So beautiful!

Like the day wasn´t special enough, after getting down from the top we went straight to the Pikes Peak museum in Colorado Springs, and Jason, the Head curator, let me ride the Globetrotter bike into the museum, up the ramp and all the way besides Dunnes bike that holds the record of the course! It was so kind of him to let me do that. Thank you so much Jason!

Now I am in Denver preparing for my last day of riding to Indianapolis. Thinking about doing an Iron Butt tomorrow. We will see…


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