Back to Italy

After all the Multistrada made it’s way back to Italy where it started 5 month ago on 4th of July. Meanwhile it has been to many places – even I took it to 7 countries in 10 days. Now let’s see what the last days of this project look like:

I’m in Monza right now where I met the amazing guys around the lokal dealer and the D.O.C. Monza. I spend a great day with them including a motorcycle trip to the racetrack, a meeting with Santo Ciceri and the presentation of the all new Ducati Supersport in the Ducati Monza shop. Also I got to know a variety of italien liquors, which seem to follow the rule – the bitter the better. My tolerance here has some room for improvement.

Tomorrow I’ll go to Bologna to meet the local D.O.C. which is the biggest D.O.C. The Mulstistrada will be in a exhibition while we have a dinner. On tuesday I’m going to be in Florence to meet Giuliano Maoggi and the local dealer/D.O.C. On wednesday I’m in Bologna again to see the Ducati museum and factory before I hand the torch to Claudio Domenicali on thursday.

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