Canyons and Valleys

I thought California was amazing, even thought it was going to be the best part of the trip. But the past few days are proving me wrong.

I have been to Titus Canyon, Grand Canyon, Antelope Canyon, Monument Valley, Valley of the Gods and all these Canyons and Valleys continue to impress me with their natural beauty!

Titus Canyon is located in the Death Valley and its access is throught a dirt road that leads into the canyon, where loose gravel prevails and makes it a very technic ride!

The Grand Canyon is the Grand Canyon, there is nothing new about it, its huge, beautiful and just pretty massive!

Antelope Canyon is awesome, you dont get to ride through it like Titus but it is such a cool place to visit. Specially if you are into photography!

Monument Valley was something I was excited for. A place I only knew from watching Forrest Gump (Thats where he stops running), and as I approached it today I could feel the energy of the area. It really is a magical piece of land. A scenario that I will always have on my mind!

And last but not least, the Valley of the Gods! An amazing off road ride of about 30 km with spetacular views and such a fun road with bumps, turns, hills…everything you would want!

Oh and also met some Ducatisti from the Bay Area at Hoover Dam! Patty, Eric and Dave, who were just coming back from a road trip. It was really nice to meet them and talk even if just for a little while.

The Enduro also continues to impress me with its capacity for such a high performance ride in both on and off road! Not to mention the fuel range and power!!! Just in love with it!

Tomorrow we continue exploring the backcountry of Utah and will then head to Colorado!

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