Dirt on the rims

I love those days when you’ve got time enough to set up your GPS on the « curvy roads » option instead of « fastest way ». And this is exactly what I did as I had “only” 400 km to do within the day. In reality, there are not many options in Russia to go from one point to another. The GPS took me sometimes on the main road and from times to times, to secondary roads, always joigning back the main one.

What surprised me is that, despite I did not activate « off road » option, it did take me to nice trails. After my “high speed” runs during the two first days, I felt like discoreving « real » Russia today. Less traffic, small towns, people always surprised to see me and smiling. I even saw  a wedding and met some kids.

I wanted to do my drone sequence when they immediatly came on their bicycle. For sure, they knew what a drone was and they understood I was filming them with my Go Pro cameras, but I asked them what about « Playstation » or « X Box » and they answered « no ». It really amazed me seeing them slidding when braking with the bicycles. I am 48 and I did remind me when I was also a kid, without internet and nothing …

I love russian countryside with its beautifull wood houses always painted in « flashy » colours. They sometimes look like being in ruins and you never know if somebody is living in it or if it is abandonned !

My off-road session was fun. I confess I have to be very carefull because of the panniers and my bags with the video stuff that make the bike quite heavy. But after having set the suspensions on « enduro » mode and also « two persons + luggage » option, it was really riding on those offroad tracks.  Now, the Multistrada looks realy ready to go round the world with its dust on the rim.

Tonight, I arrived in Yekaterinburg which is familiar to me because I came here five years ago and then drove to Irbit to visit the famous Ural side-car factory. I wish I could go and give them a kiss. Don’t really know if I will have time with another 1.000 km to do tomorrow  between Yekaterinburg and Omsk and, again, 1.000 km to do !!!

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