Ducati and Daytona a match made in heaven.

A rich history began in 1959 when Franco Farnè came to Daytona and won the 250cc 100-mile race. From that day until now there is an incredible history of Ducati’s at Daytona. In all types of event’s Daytona and Ducati are forever linked, the legendary sight and sound of a Ducati screaming around the track is part of the Daytona folklore.

Visiting the circuit today was a great experience, seeing the crazy banking, the sheer size of the track and those amazing grandstands. As I approached the steps to enter the arena NASCAR’s line the entrance steps to welcome you – Daytona certainly has a mythical quality about it.

Bringing the #Globetrotter90 bike to the track today adds another small chapter in this amazing relationship. It is a privilege to help continue the Ducati history at Daytona.

Thank you Daytona for the memories.

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account_circle Steve Fraser
near_me Km 31818 of 41903
event 29/10/2016
room Daytona International Speedway, West International Speedway Boulevard, Daytona Beach, FL, United States