Ear plugs & cruise control : another transsiberian day

Another 950 kilometers yerterday in 14 hours. For those long distance, I always use earplugs because reduction of noise really helps to reduce tiredness and for a better concentration. In 4 days, I have covered around 3.000 km which is about one third of my trip from Moscou to Vladivostock. I am not trying to break any record but I really wanna be in Altaï mountains in two days and then take more time.

Between Yekaterinburg and Omsk, the road is almost brand new and really good but… there are a lot of roadwork portions. Which means that you wait long time before the traffic light goes to green.

This morning, when leaving Yekaterinburg, I saw a driving school and to me, it means that Russian do need to have a licence to drive (joke). By the way, I still don’t know how they cope with the police because I really see very often cars driving more than a 160 km/h on the transsiberian that is limited to 110 … in fact, I guess that it is limited because I never see any sign except when it is limited to 70 or 50 because of road works. And I also saw quite a lot of gatsos. Do they lose sometimes their driving license? Do they get fined ? Still don’t know.

During this day, landscape has changed. No more pines, now,  I can see the horizon, which is good thing for my morale. I can see blond field crops, swamps and it was really splendid at sunset time. At cross roads, I can see many trails but they are full of mud and deep ruts. I would love trying them but … I don’t have time to take this risk …

I can also feel that I am going deeper and deeper into Siberia… because the Lada cars and KamAZ trucks are back on the road (in Moscou, a Mercedes AMG is the minimum not to be too ridiculous). For me, Ladas are by the same time, old fashioned and really up to date. There is another russia car which I don’t know the name but that I love because it  has got real « KGB style ».

Yesterday night, when I arrived in Omsk (a beautifull town I never heard about before, but with more than one million habitants again !!!), I was accosted by a biker on a Vmax. He wanted to take me to a biker place. It is frustrating but I had to decline his invitation because it was already ten pm, and I had to save all the video rush of the day, write this post and be ready for early wake up this morning to go to Novossibirsk. And also try to eat something because I did not have time for lunch. Of course, I am not complaining, these are just facts to make you better understand my days on this incredible Transsiberian route.

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