Because of the love of motorcycles I have met many wonderful people and made many great friends. But before I had a motorcycle I had a friend with whom I would sit and obsess about motorcycles  and have endless conversations about what we would do once we had our bikes. 

That of course was along time ago and now both of us live in different parts of the world. As it happens while making a beeline from Austria to Sweden I had to ride through Copenhagen where incidently the said friend now lives. So of course I had to stop and spend the evening with him and his family. 

A short bike ride and a forty five min ferry trip away from Hamburg and I made in time for a hearty Indian lunch and with ample time to do my laundry (the true reason I showed up).

Now it’s time to resume the ride and head out into Sweden towards Mantorp where I shall be for a few days.

And great it just started raining!!!

Maybe another coffee before I leave. 

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event 10/07/2016
room Studsgaardsgade 28, 2100 København Ø, Denmark