Fun never stops

Disclaimer: none of this is made up its all true and as dumb as it sounds as it happened.

So after my little encounter with Axel I made it to oustershund by the evening I had found an awesome BnB and the weather had cleared and the sky was a brilliant blue it couldn’t be better. I slept like a log woke up fresh in the morning to yet another overcast day. The idea was I would ride down to Trondheim about 200 kms away and spend a few days in Norway.

I waited to see if the rain would let up but it showed no signs of it so I got on the bike and left. Learning from my mistakes I am fuelling up first thing in the morning even if the tank is more or less full (with my cards acting up always better to start the day with a full tank). So I got on my plotted course and away I went towards Trondheim. Now with the rain had come the cold (9degrees) so I was wearing the warm liner and the Goretex one to keep me toasty and dry.

I rode for about an hour until I reached this spot by a lake which was screaming for me to take a picture or three. I obliged and spent a few min looking around and marvelling at how beautiful Sweden was. Back on my way I stopped once after crossing the border into Norway to take some more pics and made my way towards Trondheim.

So I reach my hotel for the night and while checking in start to look for my wallet. It takes me a while with all my pockets in the jacket to start mildly panicking. Where the hell is the wallet ? I last used it to fuel up at 10 and now it’s 3. I do a bit of a jig and remember every time I use my card it sends me an email as to where it was used. Using that info I call back the pump but they have not seen the wallet anywhere.

Moneyless, cardless, fried, with half a tank of gas, in a new city, in a new country I sat cursing my self. How can you be so stupid? The only choice I had was to ride the 200kms and check every spot I had been. With 350 kms of petrol in the tank I started my trip back.

My mind filled with a 100 plans on how to fix this on how to get some money to at least make it back to Copenhagen to my friends. But whatever way the day was liking bleaker then it had been. There was no silver lining to it.

I stopped at the last spot I had taken a picture at and searched the ground and the area around it and nothing. I carried onto the next spot and nothing. I crossed the border back into Sweden to the brilliant spot I had stopped at and started my search again. And nothing. I really thought it would be there it had to be but it wasn’t.

Then I saw something on a rock I had stood on to take a picture. The wallet just sitting there waiting. All the cash was floating in the lake (all of it. Every last note) and the wallet was there. It was unbelievable. I didn’t know if I should laugh or howl my guts out. Of all trips to do something so stupid I had to choose this one.

With tears of joy rolling down my face I rode the 180kms back to Trondheim to a big celebration dinner and a warm, dry hotel room vowing not to be as stupid as I have been today. But that we will have to wait and see.

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