Georgia on my mind

Sometimes you need to get lost to find yourself.

It’s a paradox that only when you are in the middle of nowhere, with no idea of where you are that you get to discover who you really are. Today I started down a dirt track in the middle of Georgia, after about 20 miles the track ended and just became bush. I have two choices I could turn around but hey anyone can do that. I have my trusty compass so I knew the direction I needed to head, I am on an adventure bike so time for an adventure.

After a bit of weaving through tree’s and the occasional log over, I stopped for 15 minutes to have a drink and a quick snack, leaning against the bike and listening to the silence of Georgia was extremely peaceful. The last few days have been busy, all about meeting people and covering the miles, in the silence I was reminded why I love the wilderness so much.

I grew up in the bush and find it a calming experience when you tune into nature, my rest was over I get back on the bike and start to follow a riverbank. It’s not long before I reach a clearing and then I am back on the bitumen and the GPS is my best friend again.

That’s what I love about adventure bikes, they bring freedom, as the old saying goes when the road ends the adventure begins.

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