Getting Lost

In this day of GPS and iPhones you key in a destination and the shortest route is plotted. If you are in a hurry and need to get somewhere fast it’s all well and good but if you are on a motorcycle and just want to explore its not so great at all. So after the first days ride to Nago Torbole I decided to spend the next day getting lost in the Dolomites and eventually end up at Stelvio Pass. 

I got my self a map and a cup of coffee parked the bike and plotted out a route. I jotted down the villages I have to make turns at and off I went. What followed was a brilliant day of riding and there were a few times I felt I may be lost but a quick chat with a local at a village would have me on my way.

Stelvio Pass at 2757m is not a very high pass if I compare them to some of the ones we ride in India. (Actually is lower than most of them – Jalori Pass is 3,120m and we consider it low) but the 48 hairpin turns that get you there are insane. The road is so narrow and steep.  

While sitting and staring at the view from the pass I realised maybe this is the highest point this bike will reach on this ride (unless Sam rides to Mount Evans). How cool is that!!!

From the pass it’s a straight road down through Switzerland then back in Italy and finally into Austria. That’s when I put coordinates into the GPS to get me into Innsbruck for the night.

Now what shall I do today ?

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