Taking the Multistrada from Moscow to Vladivostock: a heavy responsibility !

Today is D day. I started my journey on the Globetrotter 90° Multistrada 1200 Enduro. I am a lucky man and I know it. So I will really do my best to share the stories/videos/photos of this trip and make you feel as if you were sitting on the bike.

Some of you may know me. My nickname is “Lolo”, I am French and I make quite a lot of funny and crazy motorcycle videos on You Tube. Have a look here: https://www.youtube.com/user/LoloCochet

Having said this, some of you may not know me, but I’ll give you a clue : a guy crashing with a big touring bike in a boat in an harbour (“get on the boat the sir!!!”) because hitting the panniers of the bike. OK, now I am pretty sure that most of you know me, I made you laugh a lot, ok, that’s a good start. Maybe, this is also the reason why Ducati selected me to be part of this world tour. Because of the panniers on the new Musltistrada 1200 Enduro (not completely sure).

I am just a small piece of this incredible world tour (7 globetrotters will ride this bike) but I feel like having a heavy responsibility: take the bike from Moscow to Vladivostock in the far East of Russia, along the famous Transiberian Road. More than 10.000 km in 20 days. It may look rather easy but believe me, after my very first day here on the road, I can tell it’s gonna be a tough mission because of road conditions.

A beautiful 3 lanes highway may turn into a secondary road within a few meters. What shall I say about Russian driving abilities? If it were a race, we could say they are really fast, but on the road, it is really scary and I saw, today, quite a few times 4 vehicules driving on the same “row” whereas there were only two lanes. This includes heavy trucks of course. So like always on a motorcycle, you have to care for yourself but also for the others.

I did only 350 km today from Moscou to Kostroma and I felt like exhausted … This makes me scary about tomorrow’s 1090 km from Kostroma to Perm. The Garmin GPS says 16 hours !!! Not exactly the same average speed as I am used to in France.

My plan is to make long distances in the very beginning of the trip to be sure to be on the 14th of September in Vladivostock (expiry date of my visa) and also to be able to take a little bit more time in the second half on the trip to make you discover landscapes such as the Altaï mountains where I intend to go and lake Baïkal.

I first thought about going to Magadan by the “Road of Bones” but I was told that you could do it only in july in a very short period time, because in the beginning of September, you can start your day in a shiny 20 degrees to turn into a snowy afternoon…

Anyway, Irkoutsk, Baikal, Vladivostock really sound good to me. Pronouncing those names is already travelling. Like also Rostov and Nero lake where I made a stopover today.

And now I am going to bed because tomorrow is going to be a really long day. But just before this, let me thank all the people from Ducati Moscow (Dmitir Bulichev and Dmitri Grinberg, Andrey) and also Ilya who helped me to prepare the bike and this incredible. Believe, it was an incredible moment to discover Moscow by night and the bikers places. Thanks again !

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Timo Shcäfer
Yeah man!! Sounds tough! Have a great time and save travel! And pls leave the panniers on it!! We need them! :)
Reply 3 years
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Timo Shcäfer
Yeah man! Sounds tough! Have a great time and save travel! and pls leave the panniers on it!! we need them! :)
Reply 3 years
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