GPS is lost but it never lies

The other day, the GPS refused to calculate the route to Novosibirsk ! No worries mate I have a solution. I am not familiar with cyrillic wrinting but I noticed that, generally the letters “o” and “k” are roughly at the same place in the russian words as in our writing. So I followed the “Новосиби́рская” indications and arrived in Novossibirsk. I don’t need a GPS. I could even say I hate GPS because… it never lies. Every morning, when I enter my new destination in it, I also watch at the “estimated arrival time”. And I always think that it’s impossible to arrive so late. It must be wrong or calculated for someone who ride really slowly. And I can’t be that guy ! But, every night, I have to admit that the GPS was right and most of the time, even optimistic.
Today, another 450 km. I left a for a while the Transsiberian route to go from Novosibirsk to Gorno altaïsk in the Altaï Mountains. It was a relief to see some relief, mountains and rivers. Tomorrow I will try to go to the mongolian frontier, I have been told that the roads and the landscape were really splendid. You can also check my drone video of the day to see “what’s in my bags !”

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event 29/08/2016
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