While playing tourist in Innsbruck yesterday morning (in my full riding kit) I was told that I shouldn’t leave Austria without riding to Grossglockner. So after a little bit of homework I was off. 

At the bottom of the mountain is a toll booth (you have to pay to ride up the mountain). From the toll it’s 35km of the most amazing road surface ever. The road twists and turns goes up over, down, around and even through the mountain at two points. Don’t even get me started on the views I can’t even describe how boggling they were. The best way is to stare at the pictures. It’s one of those spots where you don’t know if you should ride or stop and take pictures. After spending lots of time doing both I made a beeline for Salzburg found a nice BnB on the outskirts of town and parked the bike for the evening. 




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account_circle Vir Nakai
near_me Km 1039 of 41903
event 08/07/2016
room Salzburg, Austria