High Passes of Colorado

After 2 days of riding in Utah it was time to move on to Colorado, the colorful state!

I had high expectation for Colorado, and the High Passes did not disappoint me. Ophir Pass was amazing, just plain beautiful. For sure a highlight of my entire trip. A perfect combination of landscape and riding terrain. It got pretty rocky at one point but the Enduro just cruised along it and made its way through it brilliantly.

After Ophir we headed up to Courthouse Mountain so we could ride up to Cimarron through some off road trails. It was all good, we were following the directions I had from my notes, crossing rivers, going up hill, down hill, some loose gravel, some mud and then all the sudden we were riding on grass, on an open field that lead to a forest. I must have gotten a wrong exit that took us out of the right way. So we decided to go back all the way to the highway so we could go around it and still make the Cumberland Pass (12100 ft) before it got dark.

So we did it! We made it through Cumberland Pass and it was amazing, lots of snow on the top of the mountains and really fun riding.

It was almost 6 pm and we still had to cross the Cottomwood Pass, that we knew it was a high one and had loose gravel all the way to the top. It was about to get dark and we didn´t want to risk it so we were really lucky to get the last cabin available at Taylor Park Reservoir! Got some groceries and had dinner at the cabin before crashing it to bed!

Today we crossed the Cottomwood Pass and definetly was a good call not to cross it yesterday! It was about 10am when we reached the top (12000 feet / 3700 mts) and it was 5 degrees celsius / 40 fahreinheint and really windy. So imagine at night how it would be!

Today we arrived at Colorado Springs and tried going up Pikes Peak but due to the strong wind they closed the access to the top. So we will try again tomorrow!

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Eduardo Generali
Olá Daniel, Estou com os pneus originais, Pirelli Scorpion trail II e apesar de serem mais voltados ao On road se saíram muito bem na terra! Baixando um pouco a calibragem para o uso no off road é possível ganhar mais grip e melhorar a performance ainda mais! Abraços
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Daniel Francesco Landini
O q vc acho dos pneus nessas condições?
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