I am in trouble

Aleksei Stakhanov : what a MAN ! This minor is reported to have extracted 102 tons of coal during the night of the 30th of august 1935 in 6 hours. It means fourteen times the quota requested to each minor. This is where the propaganda campaign, “Stakanovism” comes from. And I can tell you that , since I arrived here in Russia, I do not demerit as a « Stakhanovist of the road ».

I swear, I do my best. I wake up early (6 am) and immediatley I start working : bike/gopro/video/photo/drone. No time for lunch. But today, I don’t why, I could not anymore, it was hard. Despite the incredible road going out from Kemerovo, it was difficult to do my daily mileage (535 km). I tried not to sink. I played Scrabble. With all the “y”, “k” and “w” letters being in the russian writting, I won easily.

I let my thoughts drift away: «those wetlands, those reeds, it reminds me of the french « camargue ». You definitly need markers when you are in trouble. “Only 450 km left. It’s like going from Lyon city to Paris. It’s gonna take me, by the maximum, 4 and a half hours. If there are no traffic jams. » But there are always traffic jams. And it took me 10 hours to go from Kemerovo to Krasnoiarsk. I am in trouble, I need a break.

So I made a decision. Tomorrow, I will go straight to Irkoutsk: 1.070 km in one day. And after, I will go to Okhlon Island, just in the middle of Lake Baikal, to spend at least one day without doing anything. It’s an island of 70 kilometers long. This way, I won’t be able to do more than 70 km. I want, I need to be prisonner of this island !

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