Iron Butt

So I had 2 days to go from Denver to Indianapolis and when I saw the distance, 1085 miles, the first thing that came to my mind was, there it is an opportunity for an Iron Butt. So I took a day off to go around the city with my good friend Giulio and rest up for the ride of a thousand miles!

For those that never heard of such a thing, there actually exists an association called Iron Butt, its a log distance challenge for motorcycles and has many categories, being the Saddle Sore, where you have to do 1000 miles /1600 km under 24 hours the most famous one!

It´s been a while since my last Iron Butt so I decided to do it again to finish my leg of the Globetrotter with style!

I just wasn´t expecting to be that cold during the night! It was the coldest night ever!!! Temperatures around 35 – 40 degress f and 3 – 5 Celsius….All night long! 

I planned of doing 3 to 4 stops so I could take advantage of the great range of the bike but ended up doing 5 or 6 just to get warm cause it was freezing! At least for a brazilian that is really cold!

At one point I didnt even needed gas anymore and it was just pulling over to have some coffee and get warm!

And so I made it to Indianapolis 18 hours after leaving Denver. What a ride! The Enduro again proved itself to be a true Adventure Bike, so comfortable, powerful and reliable!

Now I am starting to pack my things cause tomorrow I am paasing the torch to Steve.

Kinda sad its over but excited for the journey to continue its relay around the world!

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