Kostroma/Perm: what a nightmare!

Really wanna know about my day ?  Long and straight, exactly like the Transiberian route.

I made two runs of 500 km without getting down of the bike even for a pee … Despite this, it took me 16 hours for 1.090 km. 14 hours in reality because you must add 2 hours of jetlag, which is not very frequent in a motorcycle day.

I have to confess that yesterday night, I made a nightmare. Not the one in which you give a huge kick in the legs of your girlfriend in bed because you woke up bathed in sweat having dreamt that you were riding a motorcycle in a huge curve and suddendly you lost the front.

 My nightmare was even worst. While riding, I was checking the Multistrada dashboard, raise up again my eyes on the road and discover a truck stucked in the middle of the road and… I hit it. Don’t worry, in France, when you dream about somebody’s death, we use to say that he’s gonna get a longer life …

To me, this means also that my Moscow/Vladivostock is already a success. To be good, a road trip needs to disturb you, to change your habits, your usual confort and life. And it does.

In terms of riding experience : I have already ridden in many African countries (Mali, Burkina, Marocco, Egyptia) or Indonesia and Vietnam, but the difference is that they drive really fast (it explains my nightmare) and they always believe that there will be a solution …

In terms of landscape : I drove around 1000 km without being able to see what was beyond those trees and pines on both side of the road. And I still don’t have any idea. Forests, lakes, bears ? Tomorrow I will have to send my drone over it to let you know because the land is really flat. 

In terms of food: the food is really good, especially the borsh soup.

In terms of people : so few of them speak English but they are really nice and helpful people.

I even have a lot of Ducati fans following me here in Russia and offering me help.

In terms of roads: desperatly bumpy. Never ever buy a second hand russian car or motorcycle, the suspensions will surely be dead over.

In terms of distances: seing some road signs indicating a town located 1200 km further is not usual.

So I really love this kind of surprising road trip.

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