Lots of Stories..

I just picked up the Globetrotter90 Multistrada Enduro and we both are going to spend some time together! If this beauty could talk to me she’d probably be like:

..oh man, this first guy, Vir Nakai left his wallet with all his money and cards in the middle of nowhere and we went on,.. it was nerve wracking!! I tell ya’!

With the second one – Laurent Cochet I was worrying about my panniers or to drawn all the time, man you should google his videos! ..but after all it wasn’t that bad.. we just crashed into a trailer and he dropped me every now and then on the muddy roads around the Baikal See (at least not in it).

With Jessica Leyne I felt like united – I took care of her during the rainy nights when she slept in her tiny tent right next to me and she took me to one of the best places of Japan.

And do you know what?? – I drove the legendary Pikes Peak and parts of Death Valley with Eduardo Generali – alias Iron Butt!

I was even in New York! With Steve Fraser, when we asked the friendly policeman of the NYPD to let us take some pictures of me.. Right at the Time Square!! This was amazing!

And then I got shipped to Lisbon and Hugo Wilson picked me up. With him I drove almost 2000km in two days. It was tough..”


Okay, a Ducati would rather speak Italian.. And I wouldn’t understand a word.


Anyways, I think this bike could tell many stories! Some of them we`ll never get to know, but most of them we can read here.

Now it’s my pleasure and honor to bring this beauty back home to Bologna.


Let’s see what stories we both will tell you.

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