Meet the Aussie

Hi to all the Ducati family out there, I thought I should introduce myself before my good mate Eduardo hands me the keys tomorrow at Indianapolis.

My name is Steve Fraser, I am an Australian Photographer who has a passion for motorbikes that began when I was 8. Growing up in a country town in the remote North West of Australia, meant that most days after school I would sharpen my skills on the bush tracks, creek beds and rocky hills not far from home on my mini bike. This passion has continued to grow over the years, I have raced motocross, enduro and done my share of desert races. My garage always has a number of bikes in it, I would imagine that a lot of you have a similar garage – one bike is just never enough.

I am really excited about the hand over tomorrow at Indianapolis speedway – it is a joy to be handed the latest Multistrada Enduro 1200 and be told by Ducati to go and have an adventure. I hope you can join me on the journey as we have some amazing experiences lined up for the 5th leg. 

One more sleep.

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account_circle Steve Fraser
near_me Km 29510 of 41903
event 22/10/2016
room Indianapolis, IN, United States