More Than Red

Today I had the honor to go to the Ducati Exhibition „More Than Red“ at the Audi Museum in Ingolstadt. To be more precise, for a couple of hours the Globetrotter Multistrada Enduro was even part of this exhibition.

So, how do you get a bike into a museum filled with exhibits which worth several million Euro? Push it with the assist of two persons very gentle in there – focus on not to smash someting with the huge panniers. Right?

No, not at this place – according to the motto ‘engines are made to run!’

And so I started the Multistrada. People began to wonder what’s about to happen. The double swing door opened just when I drove uphill the stone ramp with the glass sidewalls. Behind this door apperaed the museum, many people, some photographer, members of different D.O.C’s, and all these polished Ducati exhibits. A few seconds later the Multi stood in the middle of all this. Looking a bit like the black sheep of the family with all the dirt on it. Well, not the only one – due to very special circumstances the Ducati 175 T (also a Globetrotter in 1957 which wears still dirt and patina) stood right next to the Multi. They both got along very well! Now, take a breath, everything is still intact. I descented from the bike and the head of Audi Forum Stephan Öri gave a speech to the audience explaining the Globetrotter90 details. Everyone could see the Globetrotter Multistrada afterwards, ask some questions and put some more stickers on it.

This day was a great variation and I like to thank the organisers and the D.O.C. Members.

Next leg: crossing of the alps.

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near_me Km 41163 of 41903
event 09/12/2016
room Ingolstadt, Deutschland