Multistrada at Motorcycle Live

I guess that, after 36910 kilometers, six riders and thirteen (is that right?) different countries since leaving Bologna in July, the Globetrotting Multistrada Enduro deserved a rest. So, for the past eight days it has been parked up, on a suitably decorated plinth, on the Ducati stand at Motorcycle Live, the UK’s biggest annual bike show.

Meanwhile, I’ve been back at home, eating in my own kitchen, sleeping in my own bed and going to work. Which is a strange interlude for a round the world adventure.

Tomorrow I pick-up the bike from the show and the adventure begins again. Starting with the horrors of the M6 motorway on a Sunday evening! On Wednesday I’m going to Silverstone, on Thursday I’m going to Donington Park and on Friday I’m in the Isle of Man to hand the bike on to rider number seven, Timo Schaefer who’ll ride the last leg back to Bologna.

On its lap of the globe the bike has visited lots of shrines to Ducati’s sporting history. Race circuits in Italy, Sweden, Japan and the USA. The original plan for my leg of the journey was to visit circuits in Portugal (Portimao and Vila Real) and Spain (Catalunya and Montjuic Park) too, but the tightening of the schedule caused by the problems with customs, and getting the bike to the UK show on time forced a change of plan. So now its just Silverstone, Donington and The Isle of Man.

I’m really looking forward to getting onto the Island, and even in December it’ll be a pleasure to ride the 37.73 mile course. Set the suspension to ‘sport’, the heated grips to max and enjoy the ride.

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