My friend “Coco on the Road”

After Second World War, it is said that the Japanese, forced to abandon some territories to the Russians,  would hace inoculated a virus to the very numerous ticks that one can find here in Russia. Banzaï ! Why do I tell you this ? No, I don’t feel like having a walk in the forest, but me too, this morning, I felt like “banzaï” spirit. I had a mission : 1.070 km under a poor rainy sticky weather. And I didn’t want this to last the whole day.

Today, no picture, no video. I zigzagged in betwwen cars to escape the traffic jams. In a minute, I was out of Krasnoiarsk.  On the road, I was also quite fast. So much for fuel consumption, I will make an “in-flight refuelling”. Already 180 km done, I am going to break a record today. I passed very easily the struggling Ladas but also the powerfull Land Cruiser V8. I didn’t want this to last the whole day when, all of a sudden… there, a strange shape that looks like me. I am going so fast that I did succed to pass myself !!!

Finally no. When I reached this bike, of course, there were two paniers on it, a pair of spare tires, some stickers all over the bike, exactly like me, excepted that the guy was really less fast than me. It wasn’t me “in double”, he was an italian on a german bike. I tried  to pass him but he immediatly waved desperatly at me. I stopped. The guy was just about to cry tears of joy. Am I stupid ! I know why he behaves like that. I have got an italian bike with an italian plate number. He thinks that I am italian.

I saw that I disappointed him when I told him that I was french. But he was so happy to chat with a guy going, all alone, around the world like him, that he said to me « next gas station, we make friends. » I was not going to refuse a friendship just because I was in a hurry. We stopped and we had coffe. I discovered a funny guy. Coco,  « Coco on the road »exactly. Around fifty years old, sick of normal life. Just need to take time to discover the world :  Turkey, Iran, Ouzbékistan, Kazakstan, Russia, Mongolia, Japan, New-Zeland … We promissed we would chat on internet (and we did).

We started again. Him slowly. Me more on the gas … up to the first « road rage » of the day. A frontal car crash. Russians are really driving like hell. I did not watch, I passed and went a little bit more slowly like my friend Coco. I decided not to have lunch and try to be regular, not to stop too much. Finally, I reached Irkoustk and its non ending suburbs. Arrival at 21.30 pm, fourteen hours on the bike. This is done. Tomorrow, I go to Okhlon Island for a rest.

Did I ever tell you that I am now invisible? At the beginning, I was not, I even got arrested by a policeman in Moscou who wanted to see my documents. But, since I left Moscow, I never ever got arrested anymore. I see cops, gatsos, controls, but they never look at me. It is just a if I was invisible. Another solution is that I am spied by the KGB. They watch me coming with their binoculars and as soon as I arrive, they pretend to be busy. And when I am away, they spy me again. Please, read again those lines with a strange music ! No I prefer imagine that I am invisible.

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