Nothing to do ? Impossible

Today, as promised, I didn’t do anything and it was really good. I woke up at 9.00 am cause I had nothing to do. I had a shower, breakfast, then … I started to turn around the Ducati Multistrada which, now, has a real look of Globetrotter. Come on, it was only 45 km to go to the north of this island.

So, I got on the bike. As I had nothing to do, it was better to do it in a funny way. I rode 20 kilometers on beautifull and easy trails. I made roar the engine, set up the bike on the enduro mode and opened again and again the throttle. I was going around let’s says 70 km per hour and I was the king of the world. In fact not really. More likely, the King of this island. The world is bigger and I will have to face it again in the next days.

I came to a barrier with guards who took 240 roubles to continue my route up to the north of the island (nature is not free …). They even asked for a small gift. I had left my stickers in the hotel. But as they saw all my stuff on the bike, they did not insist. I am pretty sure they still wonder if I not was going to camp there for a month !

I started again and came at a crossing. Right trail or left trail? Both were really bad, with some big ruts, mud and sand. Let’s take the left one and … I crash. My right foot was completely locked under the panier with the weight of the bike on it. I felt so stupid that I would have loved filming this. But I couldn’t. I couldn’t even get off the bike, otherwise, I would have broken my knee. And nobody was coming.
I breathed deeply, removed my helmet, my gloves. The pressure on my foot became more and more important. I couldn’t stay like that. With my hand, I tried to remove some  sand under my boot, but my foot got deeper in the sand and the bike also. Holly s… ! I caught my video tripod and put under the panier. I removed again some sand and, yes, it worked. I would not have to cut my leg, like in movies. A car finally came and honked, because I was in the middle on the way !!!!

I started again. Mud, sand, it took me two hours to reach the north of the island. But it was really worth it. It was splendid. Huge cliffs going deep into the lake, Baikal is the largest freshwater lake by volume in the world, containing roughly 20% of the world’s unfrozen surface fresh water ! It does impress me. Landscape are in between Mongolia, the Alps and the big Pyla Dune in France. All this in only 20 kilometers. It was fantastic.

I used my drone, made some videos and photos, I tried to explore every part of it. It must be said that I didn’t feel like returning home and go through the sand, the mud … But I don’t know why, on the way back, everything went very easy. I reached the hotel by 7.00 pm, there was nobody outside and it was almost dark. I felt like a kid who had hidden himself in the wood to be the last one to be hitting the slopes and it was really good.

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