Passion is a rare commodity that inspires us to do the extraordinary—to go beyond our comfort zone and experience something new.

Passion is why I got up at 4am and spent the next twenty-six hours in aeroplanes to fly from my home in Perth Australia to Indianapolis. Passion defies logic.

Passion is why we ride on a freezing cold day when we own a perfectly good car.

Passion makes us do unusual things that fuel the fire and help define who we are.

Passion is why one bike is never enough.

Passion is why rain and wind don’t matter.

And if you have to explain it, then you are probably talking to the wrong person.

My passion was ignited yesterday when my good mate from Brazil passed me the Globetrotter90 torch.

Now, the adventure begins. I have twenty days to ride the wheels off the big Enduro.

Twenty days to fuel my passion and experience the best that the USA has to offer.

The plan is to hit the back roads and let the Enduro loose to do what it does best.

It’s Sunday so that means it’s time to ride.

Join the journey. Join the passion.

Passion is oxygen for the soul. Steve Fraser

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Eduardo Generali
Have a good one Steve! It was a pleasure seeing you again. Safe travels and take good care of our bike! Cheers
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account_circle Steve Fraser
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event 23/10/2016
room Indianapolis, IN, United States