Pre Ride checks

Being the first rider is awesome and a great honour but also I have to think of the other 6 when I am ordering equipment, spares and gear for the bike. Because I am at the most well stocked Ducati warehouse in the world. It’s better to get whatever I can here than look for it down the road. 

So while the Ducati team put together the lists the first thing on my plate was a session with the technical team with a run through of the whole bike. (I have to pass on the same information to Steve in Moscow so I had to preempt questions he may have for his leg of the ride). From attaching the panniers to the many options of using the keyless system to start the bike I think now I finally know it all. Well Maybe!!!

After 4 hours of theory I finally got on the bike and took it for a spin into the hills behind the factory just to get a hang of it and see if the set up worked for me. I may have got a little carried away as I was gone for a good hour and a half but all in the name of testing I say. 

Once all that was done and all the boxes were ticked and the service team and I were happy it was time to put my game face on grab a quick coffee and make it to the Flagoff. (But that we shall leave for another post)


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