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“Lolo” is a 48-year old Frenchman and professional YouTuber, whose entertaining videos revolve around bikes, a passion of his since he was 14, when he attempted to ride motocross on a moped. His trips have included Paris – North Cape, in the depths of winter, and a tour that took in Dakar, Sharm el Sheik and Siberia. During this experience, he expects to meet many people of different cultures and plans to share everything he discovers on the web, “so that everyone can experience the same emotions as me”.


Leg 2 | Moscow - Vladivostok
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room Last seen in Vladivostok, Kraï du Primorie, Russie

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insert_invitation 13/09/2016
account_circle Author: Laurent Cochet
room Vladivostok, Kraï du Primorie, Russie
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Vladivostock, this is the end my beautifull friend Ducati Multistrada

Khabarovsk/Vladivostock : last stage of my trip. During this journey, people always asked me where I was going like that, with all my bags ? I answered...
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