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30 years old, from Karslruhe, Timo is a student of mechanical engineering with a passion for motorbikes that he caught from his brother. His first bike was a Cagiva Elephant, so he likes to say that Ducati was part of his destiny (the Cagiva Elephant had a Ducati engine, this was in the days when Ducati was part of the Castiglioni group). Cheerful and enthusiastic, he wants to live life to the full.


Leg 7 | Isle of Mann - Bologna
rotate_right 100% step complete
near_me Km 2400 of 2400
room Last seen in Borgo Panigale, Bologna, Italien

Post by Timo Schaefer

insert_invitation 16/12/2016
account_circle Author: Timo Schaefer
room Borgo Panigale, Bologna, Italien
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Torch Pass

Before and during the trip people kept asking me how I could be part of this project. So I start here with a quick explanation: I was lucky! I recieved...
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