Riding around Hedemora

A fully packed day of riding from the morning to early afternoon. We rode around Hedemora towards lake Siljan taking back roads through forests and staying clear from any main roads. 

A huge screw found its way into my tyre and I finally had a chance to use the puncture repair kit. Decided not to use mine as I have a distance to go and  Tomas had an open one. It took about 10 min but we got it fixed and went on about the ride. 

I had a very special dinner with the owners of the hostel I was staying at. They had prepared some local delicacies for me. Some mushrooms that had been picked freah from the forest and some reindeer heart were just a few things on the menu. Then a quick walk across town to hang with Tomas at his brilliant garage. 

All in all it was a good last day at Hedemora. 

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account_circle Vir Nakai
near_me Km 3393 of 41903
event 16/07/2016
room Hedemora, Sweden