South Korean version of Easy Rider

More 2.000 kilometers that I have the same landscape. OK, I understood and even printed it. Is it possible to change? And it did change with a higher relied and even some and 7% gradient. In Russia like in France, they built some « safety roads » if your breaks are out of order. Especially for heavy trucks. The only difference is that to get access to this slopes, you need to turn almost 90 degrees, which is just impossible with a heavy truck. Especially if it has no more brakes. Anyway, I decided to climb on one of these ramps to watch the landscape and make a nice aerial video shot, in memory of my the drone I lost.

Far away,  I saw a scooter with plenty of bags on it. I went to meet him. He was the South Korean version of the guy I met the day before on his Suzuki Intruder (remember, he looked like Dennis Hopper in the movie « Easy Rider »). His name was Noh Hyo-Seok. It is less glamourous than the guy with the Intruder but still, I have a lot of respect for him. He was 26 years old and retired from the army. He wanted to go to Valencia through the Transsiberian road with a Honda PCX 125.

One litre fuell every 40 kilometers, a maximum speed 90 km/h, and a maxmimum of 400 kilometers per day. He looked already exhausted. A friend of him even tried to make the same journey on a smaller scooter, a Supercub but he got robbed all his money by mushrooms dealers on the road. Korean friends sent him some money to be able to fly back to Korea. I Told Noh Hyo-Seok that, by my side, I really had no problem and met only nice people.

I showed him on a map where he should go with his scooter and, maybe, where he should not go. I told him that when he would go across France, he definitely had to call me to stay him my house. But first, he would have to have a shower the day before. We exchanged emails, stickers and I had to go.

I really goy stunned by the area of Khaborovsk. 200 kilometers before this town, starts an area of huge swamps, reeds, water lilies couloured by the sunset. Maybe I should have stopped but instead of this, I started to play with the Ducati Multistrada. Since I have changed the rear tire and removed the spare set of tires attached on both side of the bike, it is really agile, easy, and precise. I shifted down and opened the gas. This bike is just amazing. Torque and power of a four engines bomber and agility of a Spitfire. I felt like if I was riding a big Supermoto bike. It’s been a memorable moment.

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