Struggle for life in … Dinky Toys

I don’t know why I have this feeling. But during my long riding days, I feel like being surrounded by “Dinky Toys” on the road. I am pretty sure you know those famous miniature vehicles that were produced in the 50ies/70ies. Here in Russia, I feel like I am playing with them the whole day. I love those cars and trucks falling to pieces, like in the french/italian drama movie, “the wages of fear.” So I take a picture of them and I apply a black and white filter on my cell phone. Crazy world, crazy me.

Ok, I find it cool and kind of vintage, but the Russians, I am pretty sure that the Russians hate driving those old cars and trucks almost breaking down each kilometer. I find them “lovely” when the Russians struggle for life. Ok, I can see a lot of big blocks, V8 engines on the road, but there is always and still a majority of people who can’t afford buying modern cars, especially since the 2014 embargo. Prices are soaring, rouble is devalued.   

Having said this, I am not a better person but I really wanted to mention it because sometimes, I feel like I am crossing this country really too fast. I try my best but I really feel that I don’t take time enough to understand russian people!

However, I feel good this morning. Baïkal Lake really revitalised me. I am ready for the last part of my trip. On the track to the ferry, I met a northern corean guy on his motorcyle going also round the world. Don’t ask me his name, he told me himself to forget about it because it was simply unpronounceable. We both had the same reflex, exchanging informations: “Where are you going? What’s the best place you visited? Is it possible to go the the northern point of this Okhlon Isalnd.”

I answered that it was be possible but he would have to ride through sand and mud, like I did yesterday. He looked at me and saw than I was taller and had longer legs than he did. I hope he did not gave up because of this detail… I got on the ferry and breathed deeply the fresh air of Lake Baikal. Its water is also so pure that the inhabitants do not hesitate to drink it.

I am really lucky, I saw a bit of paradise. I will remind it during winter that is coming cause I don’t like it. Did I tell you that I had a problem with the bike. Yes, I ran out of gas whereas I sometimes reach a 500 km range!!! What about the Multistrada? It has got  16.000 km and I made more than 7.000 of them, and it performs really good, especially because I don’t have real time to take care of it. I put grease on the chain, gas in the tank, I added some 200 ml oil in the engine and that’s all.

I would love washing it but it’s no use. Yesterday night, I entered Irkoustk and it was awfull. Rain, roadworks, mud everywhere and the bike is really dirty. When I remove my bags from it, I have got dirty hands. When I enter my pin code to pay at reception of the hotel, I am ashame because of my black hands. When I get into my room, I immediatly have a shower with my riding gears. It does washe  the outside, but inside, it still stinks !!!

Tomorrow, I go to Ulan Ude. I hope I won’t arrive late to go and see some concurrents of the “London – Ulan Ude Rally”. They started in july from England with second hand cars cheaper than 1.000 euros and engines smaller than 1.2 liters. I love the spirit of it.

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Gaia Bert Mv Ttmania
Amazing the pic and what you show. your travel seems so cool on the Ducati... I wish I could do the same! Like the guy you met! Continue like this, it's bring us freedom in our working day
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