Sweet Home Alabama

Sweet Home Alabama

The open roads, the fall colours and one epic bike – that is what today was all about. Days like today are the reason you own a big capacity Enduro bike, with lots of miles to cover, a few off-road detours along the way and a lack of time to do it in.

I didn’t have anything specific planned today, except that I had to end the day in Birmingham Alabama to ensure I make a very important appointment tomorrow morning at The Barber Museum. (More of that in my next blog)

I programmed the GPS for Birmingham and set it not to take any highways. This proved to be the right move, my reward was fast flowing country roads through State Parks, an off-road detour to find an alternate route around the fallen bridge, hey that’s why they are called adventure bikes. Next thing I know I have crossed an entire state and I am entering Sweet Home Alabama.

I think its time to for me to head out for a meal and I hope to experience some of that famous southern hospitality.

Sweet home Alabama, oh, sweet home baby. Where the skies are so blue and the governor’s true

Lynyrd Skynyrd


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