The back country

Today was probably my last chance to get the Enduro off-road so I didn’t want to miss the opportunity.

Just after crossing the border from Georgia into South Carolina I spotted a nice fire trail, so a quick switch to Enduro mode and its time to enjoy some of the backcountry .

The track was a really nice flowing trail that lasted for about 20 miles and allowed me to see a few swamp areas and some stunning natural forests.

As much as I love the bitumen, there is something in my DNA that enjoys exploring a gravel track. The time seems to vanish, you concentrate on the track ahead, feeling the bike move around underneath you and learn to flow with the bike and not fight it, throttle control is critical and when you get it right it is such a satisfying feeling.

Plus you get to stop for a moment and enjoy the wilderness.

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account_circle Steve Fraser
near_me Km 34312 of 41903
event 07/11/2016
room Unnamed Road, Tillman, SC 29943, USA