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I have a very good time with the Multistrada – it’s a dream of an enduro. Whenever I’m not with this bike I’m a bit nervous.. eager to ride on! Which destination? I don’t care – just ride! (Luckily the joy isn’t interrupted by many stops at the gasstation – the tank is enormous!)

I don’t have to worry about destinations within this journey they all quite extraordinary! For example: Today I was invited to meet Paul Smart at his home in Maidstone.

On my way to get there I had a short coffee break in Cambridge. When I rode on I noticed that I was about to cross London, and it was just too late to avoid that without causing even more trouble. So I saw myself in a solid line of cars for the next 60 minutes. It’s not a good idea to drive through London, especially not during christmas time.

I arrived with the darkness and Paul meanwhile stored his Paul Smart Ducati back in the garage. My bad! It was a very warm welcome and instead of taking photos of the bikes we went inside and began to talk about motocycle history.. well, he told me about it – I kept quiet and attentive.. His expirience is sheer incredible and he got to know the whole world and so many poeple due to his motorcycling carreer. As a result we were invited to his neighbors for supper (he is a professionell motorcycle tuner). During the evening we all agreed in one thing – the motorcyclist community is bond around the world whichever nationality. I already met so many helpful and open minded people here in the UK and we all started talking because of the bike.

The stay at Paul’s home was very pleasant and I’m thankful for the hours I spend with him, his wife and their firends! I would like to stay another day, but the eurostar ticket is already booked and I’ll be in France by this morning.

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event 05/12/2016
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