The ride to Novgord

After a great few days in St Petersburg it was time to move on. Moscow is about 750kms of straight highway and I really didn’t want my last bit of riding to be that.

The thing is I may have tried to chase the feeling away but I knew Novgord was the last place I would stay on the road. My ultimate destination has always been Moscow and I was terribly close to it. My ride was almost at its end.

So while looking for options of places to break my journey I found that 200kms outta St Petersburg is Veliki Novgord a small city they call the birthplace of Russia. It is one of the oldest cities in Russia. It was first mentioned in the manuscripts as early as 859.

So the plan was I ride to Novgord spend the day looking around and then spend the night there.

Getting out of St Petersburg is like any big city you have to get passed all the madness before you hit the good highways. About 50 kms out of the city the traffic thins out and you are finally on your own. The Enduro made short work of the 200km and I made it into Novgord with a lot of the day left.

I spent the day taking in the sights riding around the city and just enjoying my self.

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account_circle Vir Nakai
near_me Km 6950 of 41903
event 03/08/2016
room Veliky Novgorod, Novgorod Oblast, Russia