This is meant to ride

Two things first:

1. When ever I say „we“ it’s the Ducati and I – yes, a Ducati has character!

2. Did I just say „it’s easy to keep warm?“ – that’s totally wrong!

But now, one thing at a time..

The day started just perfect. When I got outside I noticed the free parking lot right infront of the lovely hotel I stayed in. This was mine 2 mins later. The loading of the panniers was much easier this way.

I took of when it was sunny but still frosty. The shaded corners could still be iced and I decided to go the flat country road with all the long smoth curves. Perfect view until the after next corner. Nothing that could suddenly turn into a hairy situation. The road was wet, but not iced. I rode on like this for about 80km when the road finally got dry by the sun. I switched the Multi into sport mode and enjoyed even more. I did that for another 20km until I had a break time.

When I rode on I noticed, that I enjoyed very much the morning hours but haven’t done any noticeable progress. It was time to make some really big steps forward! Multi back to touring mode, windshild in the top position and towards the next slip road. But then.. yea.., when you are on the motorway you can spend some time with all these buttons on the handlebar.. and this was the very first time when I rode a motorcycle with cruise control! Wow! I kept yelling for the next 10 mins. And of course I clapped my hands – because I could!!

In the evening hours it all became a little bit more serious! As the sun turned down the temperature dropped.. and I was confronted with -1°C and the fresh breeze of 130km/h. So I kept hidden behind the windshield in a Quasimodo like position.. Heated grips to maximum level! Hmm, but my feet.. I had to give up for today.. I promised my girlfriend. So I decided to book a room asap. I googled around and found a lovely place 37km away.. I can bear these 37 more kilometer!!

It was 5km away from the place when we drove through the forest on an iced road at -3°C (here I began to love the lighting of the Multistrada! I mean this is laser!!). I wanted to take the photo which is attached to this text. I managed to find the right knobs on the camera even with half frozen fingers. I was happy because even knowing I’m in the middle of nowhere, there is a warm place in short distance. I just quick checked my phone to see if anyone has given me a message, but than the shock! „Hello, you booked the room but the hotel is already closed and nobody is there to welcome you.“. Ehm, right. I did laugh and now please.. NOOOOO! It was serious! I immediatly called the sender and explained my unfortune situation. Two calles later I got the place..

I have to confess, the Muli let me stay eased in every situation. It is such a reliable motorcicle and you can adjust almost everything right to your demand. This is meant to ride – in whichever situation!

Yeah, Multi, I promised we’ll have a good time!

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account_circle Timo Schaefer
near_me Km 40236 of 41903
event 06/12/2016
room Udange, Belgien