Time for a rest

Finally got the panniers out of customs in Lisbon at about 3.15pm. Loaded them onto the bike with super helpful José Lucas, and then sped off. We’ve done 400 odd miles since then, so we’re somewhere near Burgos in Spain. The St Malo ferry is looking possible again.

There may be a more considered post to follow, about how travelling is sometimes just about covering the ground. Sometimes it’s not really about experiences, or interacting with people, just about getting on with it, because sometimes, in you have to be somewhere else, even if you much rather be dawdling along.

The more considered post might also talk about travelling by night and how, although you don’t get to see the scenery you get to smell it. And this evening’s smells were chips, sulphur and cement.

Now, time for bed.

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event 18/11/2016
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