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Before and during the trip people kept asking me how I could be part of this project. So I start here with a quick explanation: I was lucky! I recieved a link which a friend of mine passed on to me via facebook and I applied. To be choosen as one of 7 out of more than 3000 you just have to be lucky. At least I don’t deserve it more than someone else, in fact I feel just very honored. I learned a lot during this journey: about the history, the heroes and the fanbase of Ducati. I was just an ordinary endurist addicted to the characteristics of the Ducati engine which my Elefant had.

The day I left home a friend of ours said to me: „you are our Mouse Frederic, you collect the colors and bring them to us“ to our everyday work just as it’s becoming a bit more stressful to the end of the year.

And so I did collect beautyful moments. I rode the Multistrada Enduro from the Isle of Man to Bologna. During this journey I met many people and had very good memories that I can bring back home now: I drove the TT circuit with Hugo Wilson and Dave Collister, went on by ferry, parked the Multi in the middle of Birmingham, drove the Euro Tunnel, spend some time at the beach in Malo-les-Bains, slept at a farm next to lamas and goats, entered the Audi Museum with the bike, crossed the alps with beautiful weather, got to know italien -let’s call it- „specialities“ with the guys of Ducati Monza, joined the D.O.C. christmas party, and climbed the old Monza sopraelevata, ate in a typical florence restaurant with the D.O.C. Florence, and saw where the Multi was build during a private tour through the Ducati museum and factory with Livio Lodi. 

But the most impressive part was to meet so many heroes of the Ducati history in person. I had the honor to meet Paul Smart, Santo Ciceri, Ruggero Mazza, Guiliano Maoggi and Bruno Spaggiari. These persons build such an important part of the Ducati history and could report amazing details about their carreer. This made the incredible history so real to me!

Where there times which wasn’t enjoyable? Of course, it was sometimes cold, but I cannot really complain as I was equipped with all this high tech clothing compared to Tartarini and Monetti in 1957 on the 175 T. Hugo Wilson asked the other 6 Globetrotter riders if we missed something during our journey, knowing full well that you always miss something to carry with you. I missed a small gas cartridge to make coffee with my espresso machine, but it was impossible to carry gas with the airplane and I missed a simple knife sometimes. But during preparation I was like „c’mon Timo, you do not go to the rainforest, you are going to travel through europe..“ yeah, but still.. sometimes you need a knife! Probably just to feel not quite as stranded when opening the blister packaging of the new SD-Card. But what I did miss the most was my girlfriend. She is so supportive because she let me go and spend my whole holiday on this, even we haven’t had the chance to spend our first holiday yet. I will definetly spend my next vaccation with her! And maybe I get her motorcycle clothing for christmas! 🙂

When it came to the question what I don’t like about the Multistrada, I answered „that it isn’t mine“ – thought that’s funny, but it’s true – the bike is awesome –  I love the adaptability as I could set everything to my preferences! To travel with this motorcycle was an overall amazing expierience! Not only because it has outstanding performance and reliability but also due to the fact, that you are with the Ducati part of such a big community, I’d rather say family. Wherever you go – you have already friends there with the members of the DesmoOwnersClub!

The trip was not just about to have some fun and collect colors, it was always related to the great Ducati history and it is one part of the milestone of the Ducati 90th anniversary which ended with the torch pass to Claudio Domenicali.

Thank you Ducati to make this happen and thank you Eugenia Simoni for beeing so patient 🙂

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