Unexpected turn of events

Yesterday, Monday, started out just fine. Had a brilliant sleep in a traditional Japanese room with straw floorings and a mattress on the ground. I just love all the little details in these kind of rooms, the facility to make tea, a kimono to use and even a place to sit and relax. I didn’t order any breakfast so I could take the first ferry to Toba but when I left the kind lady of the hostel quickly gifted me an iced coffee for on the go.

Upon arrival at the ferries I was too early to even get a ticket. He tried his best to speak English but didn’t knew numbers, luckily I learned how to count up till twenty (just knew it would come in handy) and he had to laugh when I was counting on my fingers and actually gave a little cheer when I understood what time I could get tickets. Later I saw at the door of the office a little further he could have just shown it to me, but soit, all part of traveling. The ferry itself was fast! First time I’d even got a little nauseous on a ferry. When arriving at Toba I saw a sea eagle soaring around, at least that’s what I think it is. Got pictures of it on my Nikon.

In Toba I wanted to see the married rocks. These two rocks are linked together with a rope that weighs over a ton and is a representation for husband and wife in marriage. It was a beautiful and peaceful piece of coast and there was some kind of a ritual to do with frogs. I tried to look it up online but I can’t seem to find what or who these frogs were. Maybe someone reads this and can tell me?

To get out of the crowded places I took some bigger roads to get into the mountains of today around the area of Nara and Mie prefecture. I encounter the last traffic jam in Ise around the Ise-ningu Shrine where a young man is guiding all the traffic to the right. I want to go left into the mountain path I found on the map, he looked at the gps and said that it was not the good way to get to Wakayama. The best was was good way and express way. He didn’t understand that I wanted to do the mountain road and seemed very compassionate, he was continuously saying ‘please madam it is too dangerous, no guardrail and with motorbike alone, you will fall and hurt yourself’. It was only when I showed pictures of me and the bike on my cellphone that he believed I could do it, and telling me a million times I had to be careful. 🙂 The road itself wasn’t dangerous, it was a typical mountain road that isn’t used a lot. Beautiful and curly in every way and on each turn a mirror! I could have spend my whole day here but alas the clock is ticking and I need to get to Wakayama for the ferry.

Leaving the mountains drawing a pout but enjoying the rest of the day with a calm but wet ride through the landscape of Kinki peninsula. It is well past dark when I arrive at Wakayama and the friendly staff at the ferry office tells me there will not be any ferry tomorrow to go to Shikoku island because of a typhoon nearing Japan. I had no idea about this being so serious so I’m glad I didn’t just pitch my tent before going to the ferry station. To be safe just in case I take a hotel and when going online I really see this is a big deal. The same typhoon Makalas, has even killed 10 people in China districts and wounded more than 35, afterwards it hit Taiwan and now this night it is hitting Kyushu, where I have to be on Wednesday and tomorrow where I am on Shikoku/Kinki. I’m trying to reroute my schedule and will keep you all up to date. For now, I’m off to bed 🙂


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Leslie Sofarelli (advgrrl)
be safe out there and enjoy yourself as well. You are making all of us ADV female riders proud.
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Jessica Leyne
Thank you Leslie!!
2 years
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