What a START!!!

So my leg just started and so much happened already!

First we had the Torch Pass event on Wednesday, just under the Golden Gate, (with an amazing view of it) followed by an incredible ride with Ducatisti friends to a nice restaurant where we had some classic American food and got to talk about life on 2 wheels!

As for my first day, Thursday, I had 2 appointments that I was really looking forward to:

Mr. Talbotts new museum and a visit to Race Track of Laguna Seca.

As I am making my way to my first appointment, I run into this big parking lot with the policeman doing motorcycle agility skills with big bikes. That was really fun to watch!

So I stopped by Carmell Valley to visit Robbs museum and what a nice guy he turned out to be! We spent over an hour walking around the museum and he personally showed me around and explained the story behind almost every bike that he owns! And there are some really special ones, like the 1950 Ducati 60 Sport or the 1951 Ducati 125 cc Grand Sport – Black Horse.

And then I made my way to Laguna Seca which is not far from the museum and as I approached it and started listening to the racing cars I could already feel my heart beating of enthusiasm just imagining myself riding some laps with the MultiStrada Enduro in it!

So my time came and I got to ride 2 laps, and one thing is for sure, I will never forget those 10 minutes! What a race track, what a feeling, what an honor to ride where so many great riders have ridden! The same track where Marco Lucchinelli won the the Battle of the Twins in 1986 and so many iconic races happened. Like it wasn´t enough, they let me camp in the Laguna Seca complex, with a view to the race track!

I got up this Friday morning and headed to Yosemite, what a lovely place! The views and the sierras are just amazing. I really enjoyed my time there!

During the day at Yosemite I was looking for trails to go off road, then I found out you are not supposed to get out of the main road. So as soon as I left the park and saw a trail I got in to it and had no idea where it would take me to, but I just wanted to put the bike on the dirt a little. Turned out to take me to a soft sand trail and when I realized it I got stuck! Had to take a picture of it of course…

During the trip I will be using a tracker so if you ever wonder where I am, just click on the link:


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