Why do I spend so much time on the Ducati Multistrada Enduro ?

I cannot understand why I spend so many hours riding the Ducati Multistrada 1200 Enduro each day, as far as the Multistrada has got a really strong and powerfull engine. I spend a minimum of 12 hours on the seat, up to 16  !!! For sure, road conditions and russian driving style don’t help. But there is another problem. Well, a problem … I can’t help from stopping to film everything that I see. Here, a false cops car (wooden made) next to a real gatso. I still did not understand the concept, especially as  the wooden box which contains the gatso is full of steam, so you can drive over 200 km/h in front of it without any risk !

Here, a snack bar (old fashioned word but really well appropriated here in Russia) made in a tanker truck with beautifull « coca cola » painting on it. I could not resist, I made a stop and had lunch. I ate, it wasn’t good (for the very first time here in Russia) but as I am a gentleman, I didn’t say anything. But I didn’t ask for some more, neither. I really don’t know what it was, but I can tell that that I don’t like grey squirrels. I got back on the road, with all those sores in my mouth up to Kemerovo.

Today, the landscape between Souzga and Kemerovo was just incredible but it was only ten degrees. I rode during 300 kilometers in the nothern part of the Altaï mountains. The GPS took me to nice and easy trails sometimes, much more pleasant to ride, than when the tarmac was simply destroyed. I prayed for not having a puncture in the rear tire. I really don’t have time for it and I have something else to do than just blow in tire tubes.

Like stopping in this little village to chat with this old man who immediatly wanted to show me his old « ruska motorcycle ». The rear tire had a puncture, but, for sure, otherwise, it would have started and run. Like his old farm tractor without engine, or his Lada having only three wheels. I was not going to contradict him, as far as he took out some grease to put it on my final drive chain that was dry. Something really solid that sticks to yours trousers when you start riding. He even laughed at my bomb of liquid grease and said it was just crap. I laughed. We laughed together and it was really good.

I asked if he had some local beverage. This is exactly the moment when his wife came out and told him to get in. He obeyed but before this, I gave him some stickers that he put on  his Lada and his old tractor. He was like a kid, it was really good.

On the road again. I overcame some old Ladas  with the complete family inside.On the rear seats, kids were fascinated, eyes bulging when they saw my bike. I am pretty sure it will make them some memories for years and years. Maybe they will ride a motorcycle one day. As far as I am concerned, this is the way my passion for motorcycle started, at the rear of a car !

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